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Supporting Sustainable Events

One of our core values is to always make a positive impact. We prioritize creating unforgettable experiences in partnership with each client while working to minimize an event’s negative environmental impact. Discover how AVENUE’s carefully selected audiovisual features, location, and local partnerships offer event planners a space designed to enhance the guest experience while supporting sustainable events.

Digital Communications Reduce Printed Waste

By utilizing visual technologies at AVENUE, our clients are able to create an atmosphere that immerses their guests in the event and highlights sponsors and supporters without relying on printed materials and single-use displays. Impactful story walls, digital gobo projectors, high-impact LED lighting, and our signature 93-foot video projection wall all offer creative opportunities utilizing digital display technologies.

Professional-Grade Long Lasting Equipment Reduces E-Waste

Our top-tier sound, video, and lighting equipment are sourced from manufacturers that prioritize energy efficient production practices and ensure exceptional performance and minimizing e-waste. We practice efficient usage to further extend our equipment’s lifespan.

Acoustic and Sustainable Design Elements

Throughout AVENUE, we’ve made intentional design choices that create a welcoming and comfortable event space while also supporting sustainability:

  • Moss Art Installation: In addition to absorbing sound, our beautiful custom moss art installations bring nature in and filter the air. Designed and installed by Dennis’ 7 Dees Urban Plantscapes, each panel features various types of moss and is nearly 9 feet tall.
  • Recycled Fiber Drapes: Flanking each moss art panel are drapes made of recycled plastic bottles. In total 1,440 plastic bottles were diverted from the landfill and given new life as our sound-absorbing, light-filtering window coverings.
  • Carbon Neutral Carpet: The Interface carpet in the main event space and on the mezzanine features long-lasting performance, 100% recycled nylon content, virtually zero VOCs, and is third-party verified carbon neutral across its full product life cycle.
  • Reclaimed Wood Walls: Milled for us by Good Wood from century-old, deconstructed Portland houses, these Douglas Fir panels enhance acoustics by absorbing sound waves and provide aesthetic warmth while supporting our vibrant and dynamic Story Walls.

Natural Light Reduces Energy and Increases Well-Being

For daytime events and conferences, event planners have the option to open the drapes, inviting natural light into the space through the wall of windows. Each window is twelve-feet high and together span almost the full width of our north wall. Natural light can reduce energy consumption and increase productivity. The location of these windows on the north side, opposite the stage, means there is no direct sunlight or glare to interfere with presentations.

Central Location, Hybrid and Virtual Options Reduce Travel Emissions

AVENUE’s central location and virtual event capabilities expand event accessibility and empower attendees to participate sustainably, minimizing travel emissions and travel costs. Our on-site live stream production equipment and experienced broadcast team give your guests and presenters the opportunity to participate remotely. Virtual and hybrid events are more inclusive. By allowing your attendees to choose how they want to participate, you open your event to a larger, more diverse audience who might not otherwise be able to join in.

For guests who attend in-person, AVENUE is centrally located in Northeast Portland, Oregon, and served by numerous public transit routes and nearby bike infrastructure.

Partners with Shared Values

Supporting sustainable events also includes collaborating with like-minded partners who share our values, work to reduce event waste, and offer local and organic food options and reusable serving pieces. Together, we hope to elevate the standard of eco-conscious event planning.

Committed to the Future

We are committed to making a positive impact on our community and our environment. We remain steadfast in our pursuit of innovative solutions to support sustainable events. Continual improvement across all of our work will further our sustainability commitments.

Top feature photo by Andrea Lonas Photography. All other images by AVENUE / The AV Department.