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The Story of Our Story Walls

AVENUE Portland Digital Display Videri Story Walls

In the world of events, success depends on effectively communicating with your audience, and audiovisual technology plays a crucial role in achieving that goal. One of our many high-tech features at AVENUE are Story Walls – sixteen digital displays designed to deliver your event content with the greatest impact.

A Digital Canvas with High Impact

Videri digital screens are sleek, elegant and exceptionally thin digital displays. Installed in a mosaic of three display sizes on both sides of our entry, we’ve dubbed these sixteen panels our Story Walls because that is precisely what they are – a high-tech canvas to narrate your story. The possibilities for customization are nearly limitless, allowing you to engage your guests in creative and memorable ways. Our dedicated production team works closely with you to plan and prepare your content, ensuring that your images, graphics, and videos leave a lasting impression.

AVENUE Videri Story Walls

Content can be programmed on the Story Walls to display on individual panels or can be cast across the full display group.

A Strong Foundation from the Past for Today’s New Technology

Visually, our Videri panels appear to float on wood walls. In actuality, the panels are mounted on reclaimed Douglas Fir sourced from century-old, deconstructed Portland houses. The wood was milled, treated with fire retardant, and custom finished for our project. The juxtaposition of old and new adds depth to the visual impact.

(Clockwise from top left) The original concrete walls, shown pre-construction, which are now our Story Walls; reclaimed Douglas Fir planks, milled and ready to be installed; the finished wood walls; sixteen digital displays installed and ready to wow.

A Range of Stories to Tell

Vivid and eye-catching, our Story Walls are also extremely versatile. From wayfinding and setting the tone for your event to enhancing the overall event atmosphere, there are countless ways to leverage this feature for maximum benefit.

  • Draw attention to key event activities by using single screens to highlight registration, the photobooth, silent auction, or signature drinks and bar service.
  • Elevate a standard slideshow by showcasing photo memories.
  • Recognize and honor sponsors by prominently displaying their logos.
  • Respect multilingual audiences by alternating important messaging in different languages.
  • Create a visually engaging and immersive experience for your guests by playing dynamic videos cast across the full Story Wall. Drone footage, nature videos, and music videos related to your event theme can all heighten the event experience.

Versatile Programming Features

Our production team is able to program the panels to display your content on a single display or across all panels as a group. We can also schedule your content to appear and transition at specific times during your event.

Our AV-forward event space boasts numerous tech features guaranteed to impress your guests. Send us an inquiry to check date availability and schedule your personal tour. We’re excited to partner with you and make your event truly unforgettable.