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The Benefits of a Professional Live Event Sound System

We describe AVENUE as an AV-forward event venue because the highest quality sound, lighting and content projection are included in the venue rental. It’s easy to understand the visual aspects of audiovisual because you can immediately see how lighting design and video projection transform the space. What about audio? There are numerous ways a professional sound system is essential. In this article, we explore the many benefits of our professional live event sound system and how it enhances every event.

Sound Coverage Throughout the Space

Our installed high-performance live event sound system features twenty-two JBL VTX A6 Sub-Compact Dual 6.5″ Line Array Speakers. A line array consists of multiple loudspeaker units called elements. They are mounted in a vertical line and each element is mounted at a different vertical angle. This arrangement creates a single source of sound that sends sound waves farther, louder, and clearer in a more evenly distributed sound output pattern. That means there is balanced coverage from the front of the room to the back of the room. Our two JBL VTX 15 Fill Speakers add coverage to each side of the stage for the largest events. No matter where your guests are sitting or standing, each person will enjoy the same audio clarity and volume.

Clear and Consistent Sound

JBL’s VTX A6 line array speakers boast custom compression drivers and integrated waveguide for crisp, clear, high-quality sound. In addition, our live event sound system is tuned specifically for our event space, producing superior sound reinforcement.

Full Range of Frequency

Our sound system also includes six JBL VTX B15 Sub-Compact 15″ Subwoofers that extend low-end frequencies. The result is a full range of frequencies with minimal distortion. Whether your event program includes presenters on stage, pre-recorded announcements, videos, recorded music, or live bands, our audio technicians and professional sound system ensure your event will sound its best. For live fundraising auctions, sound clarity is essential. Our live event sound system fully supports your benefit auctioneer, helping to maximize fundraising potential.

On-Stage Equipment for Your Presenters

One of the fundamentals of amplified audio is that the person presenting on stage needs to be behind the audio speakers facing the audience to avoid feedback loops. Our sound system includes two Turbosound 12″ Active Monitor Speakers on the stage to support your on-stage talent, allowing them to clearly hear themselves, other presenters, and any videos played during the program. We provide one wired podium microphone on a podium and four ULXD wireless microphones and stands. For most events, that quantity of microphones will be everything you need. If you are planning a conference with a panel of more than four experts or are hiring a band, we have you covered with add-on microphones and performer support packages.

AVENEUE Sound System at Elevate Conference photo by Andie Petkus Photography
Photo by Andie Petkus Photography

Preserved Visual Sight Lines

We selected the VTX A6 because it brings JBL’s flagship VTX A Series performance to a subcompact form. Its small, yet-powerful statue, flown installation, and clean cabling give your guests the best sight lines possible to see the stage and our signature video projection wall from all areas of the event space.

Experience Our Live Event Sound System in Person

Experience the clarity, coverage, depth and warmth of our live event sound system in person. Contact us to schedule your personal tour of AVENUE and get a look at – and listen to – Portland’s first AV-forward event venue. We look forward to learning all about your event plans.